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Car rental service Czechocar - What to do in case of a traffic accident

Before you rent a car from us, please read carefully the following article, which probably can help you to avoid difficult situation on the road.

In case you are not obliged to report an accident to the police you should make an agreement with another participant of an accident (offender) about an accident fault. The best way to do it is to describe an accident in a special form "European certificate of the accident."

Please, do not forget to write down the names and addresses of the drivers of another vehicles, as well as witnesses of an accident. In case the accident was caused by the driver of another vehicle, asked the driver who caused the accident for civilian passport or driver's license and insurance of his responsibility for the vehicle (a green card, which should also provide all car hire companies in Prague as well as car rental services in Brno and other cities) and notice the following information:

What to do if you are a victim of an accident?

Do not forget to claim for damages from the offender’s insurance company. If necessary, contact your lawyer.

In case the offender will escape from the place of an accident or an identification of the accident’s principal is impossible, but as a result of was damaged your passengers or your vehicle (as well as a vehicle of a car rental company) please report this fact to the Police of the Czech Republic. Then with a police record of an accident contact the Bureau of Czech insurers. In case you did not receive from the principal of the accident any information on the insurer, which bears responsibility for a vehicle, caused the accident, it is possible to find the name of the insurance company using the license plate number in the database of Czech insurers.

You are responsible for an accident, the insured event report

In case you are responsible for any damage caused by usage of your vehicle (or a vehicle of car hire company), provide all necessary documents to the damaged person for obtaining compensation from by insurance, especially your name and address. If the owner of your car is a rental car or another company the company name, identification number of the owner of the vehicle, model and type of car, license plate number, insurance agreement or a green card, which can be determined by the insurance company as well.

Notify without delay your insurance company (civil liability insurance), don’t forget you are obliged to do it according to insurance conditions in agreement. As a rule the insurance company will reimburse substantiated claims of victims, so your participation will no longer be necessary.

If you need a help, especially in case the accident was happened abroad, please contact your insurance company assistant service. For frequent trips abroad, we recommend to conclude an agreement on civil liability along with co-insurance of Customer service. Valuable information you can receive also our Car Rental airport service.

In the case of injury

In case you were injured, call immediately number 155 or - in the case of minor injuries – seek medical advice.

You are not injured. Provide first aid to injured and to protect the place of accident

Primarily protect the place of an accident - turn the warning lights on, immediately put on a special phosphorescent vest, put on suitable place a warning triangle, which is also a common accessory of every car rental company vehicles. If someone in your car or another car was injured, provide first aid ASAP and call for an integrated line of a rescue system - 112. Failure to provide first aid and escape from the place of the accident may be regarded as a subject for criminal proceedings!

When you need to contact the police of the Czech republic?

You are obliged to contact the police in the following cases:

Refrain from the acting, which could impede the proper investigation, especially from moving vehicles. If the situation acquires the subject to change, don't forget to designate all traces.

When the Czech Insurers Bureau provides compensation from the guarantee fund

Useful telephone numbers: SOS 112, Ambulance - 155 Fire - 150 Police - 158, City police - 156


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Car rental service Czechocar - What to do in case of a traffic accident

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