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One Way Rent

Czechocar allows the return of the rental car at the network of authorized locations outside of the Czech Republic in the region of Central Europe. Select the rental location in the ”Rental location” field and choose the country and city where you wish to return the car in the ”Return location” field. The on-line calculator will immediately calculate your One Way Rent surcharge. If your rental period exceeds 3 days you will be granted a discount for this service with the value indicated inside the table on the right side of your screen. To set the final price it is necessary to add this surcharge to the rental price according to the chosen car type and number of days. Rental price is without VAT (Sales Tax) 21%.

Online calculator of the surcharge

Rental location
Return location

If the rental period exceeds a minimum of three days we offer the following discounts from the above mentioned fees.

Rental period Discount
4 - 6 days 10%
7 - 13 days 20%
14 - 29 days 30%
30 - 90 days 50%
91 and more days 100%

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