Car rental - Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What does the basic rental price include?

The car rental price includes mandatory third party liability insurance for damage caused to the other party and collision liability insurance with a limited deductible amount.

What is a limited deductible amount?

It specifes the maximum amount payable in the case of an accident caused by your own fault. E.g. Group ECONOMY Opel Corsa has a limit up to 12.000 CZK.

What should I do if I caused an accident?

Always call the police. CDW is void and not applicable if the customer does not have a police report. In that case he/she is responsible for all damage to the full extent. Report any occurrence at the earliest time to the rental company and proceed by their instructions.

What should I do if I caused an accident abroad?

The same as above - the procedure is comparable in all of Europe. The police are always irreplaceable. An integral part of the car documents is the ”green card” (International Insurance Card), which has to be presented to the police together with the car registration document.

Am I liable for anything if I purchased the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)?

CDW gives you full protection if eventual damage occurs, even if caused by your own fault. But you are still liable to the extent of a driver's minimum knowledge, gained in the driving school. E.g. driving without motor oil with the result of engine malfunction (if the light signals are ignored)... CDW does not cover undercarriage damage and/or damage to the tires, hubcaps and rims.

Can the rental car be driven by more than one driver?

Yes. There is an additional one time fee of 200 CZK for each other driver.

What if I have a car breakdown while the office is closed (at night)?

Our office hours are daily 7:00 am - 9:00 pm (Airport) and 8:00 am - 6:00 pm (Prague Congress Center). Outside the office hours a 24 hrs. service is provided at these tel. numbers: +420 602 219692, +420 608 219692.

What if I intend to keep the rental car for an extended period?

In the indicated case it is necessary to contact our central office (non-stop) and supplement the agreed extension of the rental period by a written request by email or by fax +420 2 61222079. Only this way you will avoid paying a fine for a late return of the vehicle.

What is the speed limit in the Czech Republic?

Highways - 130 km, Secondary Highways / Roads – 90 km, Cities / Towns - 50 km, unless stated otherwise. Speeding tickets usually range between 500 CZK and 10.000 CZK depending on the character of the offence.

Which documents are requested by the police during a road check?

Passport, driver's license (European or international) and all car documents (car registration, the proof of third party liability and international insurance).

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