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Rental conditions

1. Subject of Contract

According to the provisions in Article 630 and subsequent of the Commercial Code Czechocar, a. s. (thereinafter “Lessor”) and the Renter enter into this Rental Agreement (thereinafter “Contract”). Based on this Contract and under the conditions stipulated in this agreement the Lessor undertakes to pass the means of transport (a motor vehicle) to the Renter for temporary use and the Renter undertakes to pay a rental charge for the use of this means of transport in an amount and under the conditions stated in this Contract.

2. Amount of Rental Charge and Conditions of Payment

The amount of rental charge conforms to valid price lists and tariff rates and is stated in this Contract. If the rental charge is stipulated for a period longer than one month charging and invoicing take place continuously usually after every thirty days of rental.

3. Duration Period of Rental, Handover and Return of Vehicle

The Contract is entered into for a definite period and comes into force at the instant when it is signed by both Contracting Parties. Rental relation according to this Contract ends with the expiry of the period for which the Contract has been stipulated. The Contract can be extended if the Renter asks for it in writing and the Lessor confirms this in writing. In such a case the conditions and scope of insurance coverage (see below section 5) shall remain for the Renter if they had been stipulated during entry into the Contract. If there is no extension of the Contract within the sense stated above, then return of the vehicle by the Renter later than within the period agreed on in the Contract is deemed as being serious breach of the agreement and as a result of unauthorised use of a foreign item this can have the consequence of criminal legal sanction. In such a case, the Renter is obliged to pay the Lessor for the period exceeding the stipulated duration period of rental for rental plus Contractual Fine in an amount of double of the original rental charge including all connected charges. If the Contracting Parties do not agree otherwise in writing the Renter loses the right to limit his liability based on the stipulated conditions with a scope of insurance coverage (see below section 5) on the date when he should have returned the vehicle to the Lessor. If the vehicle is lost or damaged, the Renter is obliged to pay among other things a penalty charge in an amount of the stipulated rental charge until the time when the Renter reports the loss or damage to the vehicle to the Lessor or when the Lessor finds out about such facts otherwise. The Lessor is obliged to give the vehicle to the Renter in a good technical state including documentation, car keys and compulsory equipment at the location and time stipulated on the basis of this Contract. The Renter must put across all discovered defects, comments and complaints relating to the rented vehicle at the time of acceptance of the vehicle in the form of a record in the Contract. The Renter is obliged to return the vehicle with consideration to usual wear and tear in the state in which he took it. The vehicle, incl. car keys, documentation and all accessories must be accepted by an employee determined by the Lesssor. There is a special mode for the location at Václav Havel Airport Prague where the vehicles are taken by designated Letiště Praha, a. s. employees at the CHECK IN section for car rental companies in the Parking “C”. On transfer is always drawn up the transfer protocol, which the Renter must take to the airport office (in the opening hours of the location) to terminate the Contract. If the vehicle does not go through this station and a transfer protocol is not drawn up and signed by the designated Letiště Praha, a. s. employee and the Renter, then the Czechocar, a. s. does not consider the vehicle as returned with all the potential consequences (rental charge is still charged for, any potential subsequently discovered damages to the vehicle shall be charged to the Renter and the like). In the event of returning the vehicle at a hotel reception, the Renter is obliged to inform the Lessor of such on time and in writing. If he does not do so, the Renter is obliged to pay a penalty charge in an amount of the stipulated rental charge up until the time when the Lessor finds out about the return of the vehicle in question. Vehicle is always handed over to the Renter with a full tank and so it should be returned. If there is any fuel missing at the end of the rental the Renter is obliged to pay current price plus 30 % increase. When transporting pets a one-time fee of 500 CZK is charged to the Renter. Cleaning fee from 500 CZK to 3,000 CZK will be charged to the Renter in case of a heavily unclean interior of the returned vehicle.

4. Rights and Obigations of the Contracting Parties

The Renter is obliged to use the vehicle only for the purpose for which it is determined, in the usual manner and to maintain the correct amount of lubricants and operating fluids, including tyre pressure and to keep to all transport, customs regulations and other legal enactments to prevent the origination of damage. The Renter is obliged to deliver the vehicle for service check up according to service interval indication. Exceeding the kilometer limit or not providing the vehicle for service check up will be penalized (see Price list). The Renter must not let other persons than are stated in this Contract use the stated means of transport without the written consent of the Lessor. The Renter must not take part in races or competitions with the vehicle in question and he must not use the vehicle for payment for transporting goods or persons. The Renter must not use on the vehicle any form of advertising without written consent of Lessor. The Renter is obliged to secure the vehicle against robbery, damage and other interference by third parties. In particular the Renter must not leave the keys or documents in the vehicle when parked and he is always obliged properly secure the vehicle by all available means and systems. The Renter must not drive the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or medication lowering the ability to drive a motor vehicle. Breach of any of these obligations (see section 4) is substantial breach of this Contract and makes the Renter liable for all the incurred damages in full. The Renter is obliged to notify without unnecessary delay the occurrence of all defects that arise to the vehicle during use and that need repair. Non-fulfilment of this obligation founds liability for the Renter for damage that originated as a result of non-elimination of the defect. In the same way the Renter is liable for damages arisen as a result of the incorrect use of the vehicle including the fee for towage service. In case of need the Lessor is obliged within 24 hours since reporting of the fault, which does not allow to use the vehicle, to deliver a spare car.

5. Liability for damage and Insurance

The Lessor declares that he has entered into a liability insurance contract for damage caused by operating a vehicle with an authorized insurance company. The Renter is liable to the Lessor to the full extent for damage originated to the vehicle within the period from transfer of the vehicle to the Renter until its acceptance by the Lessor. The liability of the Renter for damage to the vehicle may be limited in this Contract if the Renter confirms by his signature on the front page of this Contract an acceptance of the conditions below stated additional insurances (or some of them) and if he pays the charge (if it is required) for that financial coverage according to this Contract. CDW – accident insurance of the vehicle with limited excess of 10% (min. 10,000 CZK) for a caused damage. In the price of CDW are also included SLI + RAP + TP1. See the description below. SLI – statutory insurance of vehicle operation covers the damages caused to third parties (Green Card). RAP – Roadside Assistance. TP1 – charge for the transfer of liability against the theft of the vehicle with 10% excess, min. 10,000 CZK. SCDW – charge for entire transfer of liability for damage caused by own fault from the Renter to the Lessor with zero excess (see Overview of Fees). Transfer of liability does not cover damage to the windshield, chassis, tires, disc wheels and hubcaps, theft of radio, satellite navigation and with damage caused in relation to it. TP2 – charge for the transfer of liability against the theft of the vehicle with zero excess. TWP – charge for the transfer of liability for a coverage of damages done to the tires and windshield with zero excess. IIC – Fee for services provided by Czechocar, a. s. abroad. In case of leaving the country without payment of this fee the client should be aware that there will be no guarantee of cooperation when dealing with insurance and other unusual matters outside the Czech Republic. PAI – charge for arranging of the supplementary insurance of seats according to the nature of insured accident (up to 200,000 CZK / seat – see Insurance Terms and Conditions). However the liability of the Renter cannot be limited by virtue of financial coverage (above stated variants) in the case of damage taking place as a result of breach of obligation according to this Contract or generally binding legal regulations and this applies independently of culpability of the Renter. In the case of damage to the vehicle within the frame of two or more occurrences of loss such damages are each assessed separately in terms of liability of the Renter. The Renter gives consent that fines (penalties) for traffic offenses caused by the use of the vehicle within the duration period of the Contract will be charged even through his credit card, even in his absence. Damages that occur on the basis of the loss of documentation, keys or tools that are part of the equipment of the vehicle are always paid for by the Renter. In the case that it is not possible to terminate the Contract at the moment of returning of the vehicle the Renter agrees with being charged – and thus even from his credit card without being present – for insufficiency of petrol/oil or other item arising from the Contract. In the case of theft of the vehicle the Renter is liable for the damage in an amount of excess. If the Renter has entered into contractual insurance (CDW), he is responsible in case of theft of the vehicle in the amount of 10%, min. 10,000 CZK (see TP1).

6. Procedure in the Event of an Occurrence of Loss

In the event of a traffic accident, theft or damage of the vehicle or to part of it, and also in the case of injury or death occurring as a result of a traffic accident the Renter is always obliged to call the police without consideration to the amount of damages. If he does not do so he is liable for the damage arisen to the full extent. In the event of an occurrence of loss the Renter is obliged to fill out an Accident Statement (a form is included in the documentation for the vehicle). The Renter is obliged to give a confirmation on involvement in the accident or the origination of other damages to other parties without delay to the Lessor, at the latest within 24 hours from the origination of the damage. In the event of damage originating by theft of the whole vehicle the Renter is obliged to immediately give the documentation and keys from the vehicle to the Lessor. If he does not do so then he is liable to the Lessor for the arisen damage for 50% of the total loss, minimally 50,000 CZK.

7. Expiry of Rental Relationship

The rental relationship expires when the period for which it was stipulated expires. In case that the Renter is using the vehicle contrary to this Contract or in a manner by which damage or threat of damage to a considerable extent originates to the Lessor, the Lessor is authorised to withdraw from the Contract with immediate effect, namely without compensation. In the same way the Lessor is authorised to withdraw from the Contract if the Renter does not pay the invoiced payments duly and on time or if he breaches obligations according to this Contract.

8. Other contractual Stipulations

This Contract is drawn up in at least two counterparts of which each of the Contracting Parties receives one. Any amendments and annexes to this Contract must be in writing. The Renter agrees with the fact that the information from this Contract including his personal details will be processed electronically and kept in the database of the Lessor. Decision making of all potential disputes is in the competence of courts in the Czech Republic and the territorially competent court is the court of the Lessor. The decisive wording of the Contract and General Conditions is in Czech language.

Stated charges correspond to the price list and do not include VAT at the statutory rate.

Information about processing of personal data (according to article 13, GDPR)

Why do we process your personal data?

In order to offer our full service, while following all duties resulting from both the rental agreement and legal requirements.

What lawful reasons do we have to proces your personal data?

The legal basis for processing of your personal data is: (I) fulfillment of lawful duties by our company as an administrator towards the tax office and other institutions, (II) fulfillment of duties resulting from the vehicle rental agreement, (III) the legitimate interest of our company as an administrator is to protect our property, to secure proper service according to our standards, to improve the quality of our service

Who keeps your personal data and where do we pass it?

The administrator of your personal data is our company, Czechocar CZ, spol. s r.o., taxing number: CZ-48587460. We process it for our internal use and we hand it over only to official authorities or insurance companies, if they ask for it in order to solve damage issues or road law violations. The phone number and email address are also provided to the franchize owner located in USA.

How long do we keep your personal data?

All information is processed only for the time of the purpose of their gathering or the duration of legal requirements and lawful regulations. All information is deleted/destroyed directly after these requirements expire.

What rights do you have?

Your right is to demand an access to your personal data, a change or deletion of it, restriction of its use, to complain against the processing of it or against a transmission of it. You also have the right to complain at the overseeing authority.

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